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Sunday, 24 Apr 2016

Goes to Final After Beat Everton, Manchester United One Step Closer To Win the FA Cup

Nine years and since Ferguson retired in 2013, Manchester United hasn’t tasted FA Cup and yesterday for the first time, they have an opportunity to be FA champion in this season after beating Everton 2-1 at FA Cup Semifinal. And at least, Louis van Gaal has a chance for giving United a trophy if the board choose to replace him with Ryan Giggs or Mourinho at next season.


The Hollander (Van Gaal) refused to talk what next opponent (Crystal Palace or Watford) at FA final. Gaal was only confirming about his three years contract and want to see the result at the last season to agen sbobet.

“I am not seeking over this competition and also the FA Cup, the reason I do that because we living in the present and so the future. I will talk (discuss) to the board. Will I go to be here? You repeating exactly what I’ve always mentioned, So it is not news.” Added Van Gaal.

And when the journalist asked if he makes MU win at FA Cup would be considered success even they fails to reach UCL (UEFA Champions League) he only said that it is not his capacity to answer that question, it is all back to the board of The Red Devils to judge it. Furthermore, Van Gaal said he was only thinking positive about they played and also FA Cup.

Van Gaal at this season only targeted to be the winner of FA Cup and also can bringing United to Champions Leagues 2016/2017.


Michael Carrick And FA Cup Michael Carrick believes win at FA Cup would be they successful achievement at this season. FA trophy itself is often underestimated by a big club in Premier League. Overshadowed than winning the Premier trophy. However, Carrick still positive thinking that FA Cup is a prestigious event.

“We’ve now reached the final and get an opportunity to be champions. And because this is a final and anything can happen, we will not let down our guard. But if you win the trophy, it will be a successful season from any point of view.” He said.


David de Gea And Anthony Martial Although scoring first by Marouane Fellini at 34th minute, Everton could equalizer by the own goal from Anthony Martial at 75th minute. And David de Gea once again proved it that he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world by made important saves when blocking penalty kick by Romelu Lukaku. And when the match is likely to continue to extra time because of no goal, Martial scoring the winning goal for the Red Devils at 93rd minute and ensure Manchester United goes to final FA Cup.

David de Gea praises Martial for his brilliant goal at the last minute and furthermore, he also advised his friends to keep focusing on remaining matches in the Premier League this season.

"Anthony Martial was incredible, and we won the game in the last minutes. That’s a fantastic victory. Talking about the match, It’s an important win for all of us (The club and the fans). We have four games left in Premier Leagues, and we want to finish in the top four. That’s what we want now.” Said De Gea.

This time Manchester United on 5th position of Premier League and four points apart from Arsenal. And if they are playing in good condition like today, we believe they can be in the third position. Four games remaining and still anything can happen. That’s England Premier League.

Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015

Paid or Free Soccer Prediction Tips? Find Out Now!

Yes, you need soccer prediction tips to give you kind of envision about how the match will run. Not to mention, but there are many sites you may find online that will give you information about the valuable tips for soccer prediction. Again, the site will ask you whether you want only to be a guest or simply sign up for one or more than one betting accounts. However, if you are really a serious punter, then create more than one account will give you so much benefit like the wide opportunity to win the betting. The next thing is (perhaps you already know this), there two ways for you to get the prediction tips, paid and free. And guess what? Both sources, whether it is paid or free, you possibly find many of them. However, which one to choose?

To answer the question to pick the type of soccer prediction tips, the very first thing you need to consider is about your intention. Yes, it is true; once again, it is about your intention. Or else, your final expectation toward the soccer game itself. In spite of that, (this is only for those who are don’t know), a soccer or football prediction tip is coming from two different sources, from automatic number calculation, let say particular software and from human expert or the one who really has kind of long period experience toward football or soccer. However, sometimes the tipster is also the person who has no experience in football but she/he has experience in betting strategy.


When it comes to soccer prediction tips, some people usually use only one tipster to bring them kind of prediction tips, meanwhile the rest of them will use more than one tipster. And yes, once again, the number of tipster you use is depending on your expectation toward the game. Now, it is the time to figure out typical prediction you should know together with the advantage and disadvantage from both sides. Let say, you just want to have fun with your friend by playing psyche. Simply say, it is something like fun prediction you want to boast whether team A or team B will win the competition. Then you can use the free prediction tips from agen bola terpercaya. From around the web, you will get many of them for various soccer leagues.

In fact, the source data from free prediction tips for soccer comes from the previous game prediction tips. Even tough, you may succeed to win by this kind of prediction tips, but the possibility is almost zero. So, free soccer prediction tips are meant to be your preference to get to know whether certain team will win the match or not. On another word, if you want to win bunch of bucks, it is better if you stay away from this path since you will lost much. It is because the accuracy of the prediction tips, not to say it is unreliable, but it is just too risky for you. In lieu of that, you can take the paid way.

Paid soccer prediction tips, even though your chance is not 100% to win, but at least you have 80% chance to win the betting compared the free one. It is because there are many factors in the way to determine the prediction tips. It means, there is a lot hard work that takes part in the process. The prediction tips, through the paid service are coming from series information both previous and recent trends, the players (whether it is the psychology factor on injury) and many more. As the consequence, the prediction tips are quite reliable. Simply say, if you want take more benefit from the prediction tips, you need to pay. Furthermore, when you lose, you don’t really lose much, but be sure that you choose a trustworthy site when you pick the paid way.

So then, to get your soccer prediction tips in paid way, for sure each site has different price and different offering. However, in common you will get three different offerings such as VIP tickets, Special ticket, and premium ticket. Perhaps, your guess is right, for each ticket not only gives you different price, but it gives you different feature also. However, for whatever the kind of ticket you purchase, the rate to win the betting is just the same. Below, you will find a short explanation toward each ticket you buy.


Okay, let’s begin from the VIP ticket first, commonly for one ticket you will need to pay about £60. The next is, special ticket, when you pick this package you will get 3 tickets. To have this one you need to pay about £120. And, the last one is premium ticket, commonly to buy this one you need to pay about £180. For the last package you will get 4 tickets. In addition, each of the ticket you purchase, it offers you with odd over 5.00 together with the reliable soccer prediction tips from agen sbobet terpercaya so that the possibility to win is quite high- and usually after you finish the payment procedure, the ticket will be sent to you through email.

So, what do you think? Which one of those ticket packages above you want to purchase? Oh, just a recommendation for you, if you want to save more, you can choose the last option. But, if you only want to try it first, perhaps, the first choice sounds good for you. However, back again to your intention and expectation of joining the betting, then you will know the one that meets your needs. Then, after finding the good and the least thing of both paid and free prediction tips for soccer, which way you want to pick, the paid or the freeway? Then, for the last one, if you don’t know, the things that relate to tips of soccer prediction are appeared in numbers, so be sure you know to read it, or at least you need to find such sites that give you simple explanation toward soccer prediction tips.

Saturday, 10 Jan 2015

Soccer Game Predictions of Aston Villa vs Liverpool


Barclays Premier League is one of the most favorite leagues which are always waited by the football lovers. In this week end, on 18 January 2015, there is an interesting match will be held, Aston Villa versus Liverpool. Indeed, many people wait for the Soccer Game Predictions of the match. Even though this match is not categorized as a hot match, yet for Liverpool, this match is very crucial in order to lift the team into 7 positions in the league position of Barclays Premier League.

So, here is the game prediction of the Villa versus the Reds for you who are the supporter of the two teams.

The match that will be held in Aston Villa’s stadium, of course, will make the home player having more supporter than Liverpool. So, actually, Aston Villa gets more spirit since the teams must do the best performance in front of the supporter. However, in Soccer Game Predictions, the team having a bigger chance to win is not Aston Villa but Liverpool. It can happen because of some reasons such as the league position of the two teams, the past season results of the match between them, and the percentage of the soccer prediction. All the reasons having been mentioned will be explained as below.

The first reason is because the league position of the two teams. Aston Villa is in the 13 position in the league position of Barclays Premier League. Meanwhile, Liverpool is in the 8 position. Then, Aston Villa in its position has 22 points with 5 wins, 7 draws, and 9 lost. For Liverpool, this team has 9 wins, 5 draws, and 7 lost. From the amount of wins, draws, and lost of the two teams, it can be seen that Liverpool is stronger than Aston Villa. Therefore, seeing from the position here, it is clear enough that Liverpool has a better quality as a football team than Aston Villa in England so that in the Soccer Game Predictions of the match, Liverpool has a bigger chance to win the match. Moreover, in the past season result of the match between Aston Villa and Liverpool, Liverpool shows that the team is better than Aston Villa. From 7 matches, 5 match is won by Liverpool that is in the 2007/2008, 2009/2010, 2011/2012, 2012/2013, and 2013/2014. Meanwhile, in 2008/2009, the result of the match is draw. Then, 2010/2011, the winner of the match is Aston Villa. From the results above, the Soccer Game Predictions of Aston Villa and Liverpool, Liverpool will be the winner of the match.


Last, the reason why Liverpool has a bigger chance to win the match is because the percentage of soccer prediction which have been made. For Aston Villa the percentage to win the match is zero, while this team gets 60% draw and the rest is lost. For the Liverpool, it has 60% win and 40% draw. So, in the Soccer Game Predictions of Aston Villa versus Liverpool, the winner of the match will be Liverpool.